Our Process

At Running Rabbit Home Building Inc, our construction projects follow our tried and true process. Communication is one of our highest values, and we will make sure that you are involved and informed every step of the way. Your home remodel or new construction project should be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. 


Building a new house or remodeling your current home can seem overwhelming at first. In order to ease your stress and make the construction process more affordable, we are excited to offer progressive markups. The larger the project, the lower the price.

Our markups are simple, if your project is between 0 > 200k your markup is 20%. If your project is between 200k > 500k your markup is 18%. Lastly, if your project is 500k or more your markup is only 16%. 

Billing, Labor, and Unforeseen Costs

Nobody wants to get in over their head, especially when they are building a new home! That is why we value transparency so highly. 

    • BILLING :
      You will be billed bi-monthly for all of our carpenters’ labor, the cost of subcontractors (such as electricians and plumbers), construction materials, building permits, additional equipment, and other job-related costs which will include a contracting markup. The markup includes a one-year warranty for every project as well as administrative costs including licensing, insurance, and marketing.

    • LABOR:
      We charge an hourly fee of $50 per hour (or $400 per eight-hour day) for our carpenters’ labor.

      Please note that unforeseen costs can occasionally occur during the home building process. No matter what they may be (asbestos, new building requirements, change in material preference) we will be transparent with you regarding the change in price, and will happily rework your budget at any time.
STEP 1: INITIAL CONSULTATION: Discuss project details, goals, budget, and next steps.
STEP 2: ESTIMATE: Detailed rough cost estimate for your project. We work on a cost + system, your estimate is not a bid price.
STEP 3: SIGN CONTRACT: If you choose to move forward with us, we will sign a contract and take a 15% deposit.
STEP 4: START CONSTRUCTION: Once all logistics have been confirmed, we will begin construction.
STEP 5: DAILY UPDATES: Our general manager will visit daily to check on the progress and will communicate any updates or changes as they come up.
STEP 6: FINAL CHECK: We will sit down with you and discuss all of the details to ensure everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

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